Piyush Pandey, arguably the best advertising mind India has ever produced, took more than 10 years to put out this first iconic ad(the Cadbury cricket one).

Khsuhwant Singh, one of India’s most prolific writers and journalists, wrote a Hindustan Times column for 50 years, straight. Yup, a column every week for 50 years! He also wrote every day from 4 Am to 5 Am, every day.

Casey Neistat shot videos and made films every day for more than 10 years, after which he started his daily vlogging that catapulted his fame.

Virat Kohli didn’t play once a week, he must have played 7 hours a day every day during his teenage to reach the level he is at today.

James Altucher writes 1000 words every day and he has been doing it for years now, to become the kind of writer he is today.

The point is — It is going to take time buddy. I know you want the fame and the followers and the money to come in a year. But it’s probably going to take you 10x.

On a recent Mike Rowe podcast, he mentioned that the true appreciation for an artist’s skill is when people say that he is “pure talent”. When you become so skilled that it appears normal and people think it’s your born talent, not some practice.

I also have this thesis, that an artist goes through 3 phases:

– When their work is so basic, others will think that even they can do it

– When they have some skill, but it comes off in their work as “try-hard”. This is what people term as “bad work”. It might have some glimpses of good stuff, but overall it’s not something that someone will stop and look at.

– And here is when you become so good that people don’t understand the level of skill that is required and hence they again feel that even they can do it easily. Think Casey’s vlogs or Ruskin Bond’s stories or Piyush Pandey’s ads.

I am maybe somewhere between phase 1 and 2 in almost everything — writing, advertising, podcasting, running, etc.
The goal is to get into phase 3 in a few things now. Till then, I’ll remind myself, that it’s going to take time buddy.