The month of Gandhiji’s birthday came and went really quickly. It seems like here I was, making plans for the 2nd Oct long weekend and here I am, on the last long weekend of October.

Anyway, before going into the specifics, let me go through the overall numbers


I worked out 5 times and ran 7 times(8 if I count the one scheduled for today too). The workouts were all full-body ones, with resistance bands. I am progressing through my pushups now. Should be able to touch the 10×3 mark this week. I will also be looking to start the Reddit Recommended routine now, as rains have stopped and the grass is cut too, near the park.

Running wise, it was a pretty good month. I ran 17.17 km till now, and will hopefully run another 3.5 today, taking my monthly mileage to 20 km approx. I also ran my longest distance of 3.66 km, at a pace of 7.42 mins/km. This is all in the buildup to my 4th Nov race, where I am planning to do my first 5k run. Fingers crossed.


I completed Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy this month. The ending really underwhelmed me and I found it too gimmicky that now I’ll have to read the second part of the trilogy to understand what happened next.

I am also really procrastinating on Neti Neti, the book for our 9th episode. Speaking on our podcast, we took live 2 episodes. Then I got lazy with editing. But will be shipping out one episode this Sunday.

Side hustles:

A job interview coupled with a general laziness ensured I did zero amount of work towards my side business. That will be the goal for this weekend and for Nov. To put 50 hours of work on it total in Nov.


It was a pretty blah month. I was supposed to travel to Mumbai for a shoot, which got cancelled last minute and hence, the script on which more than 10 people worked for 2 months, got shelved.

Even apart from that, I don’t remember more than 3-4 days in the month when I ended the day feeling satisfied with my work and what I contributed.


This is where I sucked the most probably this month. I haven’t talked to my sister in over a month now. Will definitely change it tonight and call her.

What went right:

  • The self-made goal of running a 5k on Diwali day proved to be pretty affirming. I ran on days(and nights) when I really didn’t feel like it.
  • I am now waking up early(between 8-9 AM). That is balancing my days out and the stress that comes at night has subsided.

What can be done better:

  • My side hustle focus.
  • Podcast frequency.