A monthly review as a way of accountability has been on my mind since a long time. I do maintain a journal that I try to fill every night however, hope this monthly review on a public site will give me a better birds-eye view.


Workout – 14 times
Cardio – 7 times
Mediated – 4 times
Worked on my side hustle(more info below) – 11 days
Writing – 6 days

  • I’ve started a new workout regimen (this one from Born Fitness). Have finished the PPL circuit twice now(in approx 12 days).
  • Because of high focus on resistance training, my cardio has taken a back seat. Skipping rope a few times a week and running when it rains. No dedicated time for it for now though.
  • Haven’t really meditated much this month. I am not seeing any specific effect of it on my daily life hence not getting motivated to do it.
  • Writing has also taken a punch mainly because my nights are now rather busy(more info below). Because of it, I am waking up right before work starts and that leaves almost no time to write.

Side Hustle

So since the last 2 months, I am working on an audio show. In terms of effort, I am giving 1 hr almost every day to it and after 2 months, I do have something to show for it.

It might take a month more for the complete show to be made and then will start the marketing/promotions for it.

I am allocating 1 hr after my full-time job work is done at night. It’s also helping me because immediately after the side hustle stuff, I jump into my workout. So, a nice routine has been built.

That’s it for this month. Will add any more segments if needed for next month’s review.